The legend of the Beautiful Princess Mandalika

There once was a princess who was renowned for her beauty throughout the land. Her beauty was beloved by many princes who sought her hand in marriage. The princes brought war to each other in order to win her for themselves. Seeing the atrocities committed, the princess was distraught and only wanted to bring back peace to the land. In order to end this unrest, Princess Mandalika flung herself off a cliff into the sea. When her people tried to recover her body, they found only thousands and thousands of worms. Known today as Nyale (sea worms).

This legend has given birth to The Bau Nyale Festival. Which means “catching sea worms” in the local dialect of Lombok – Sasak. The festival occurs every year in February according to the Sasak calendar on the tenth month close to the full moon. Thousands of people congregate along the coast line of Kuta Village in Central Lombok, Indonesia, mainly Segar Beach to catch the worms. Armed with nets, pans and anything else that can be used to catch them or dig them up out of the sand.

It is the belief of the local people that the Nyale are the reincarnation of Princess Mandilika. They revere them as sacred creatures that bring you fertility and prosperity to those who partake in the festival and eat them.

At SORCE we were very lucky to take part in this festival with some new found friends.

Next Year we hope you come and join in on the fun!

Collage 2019-05-18 14_13_41.jpg

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