International volunteers are pivotal to the work that we do.

Whether you are wanting experience to further your career, planning a gap year or simply looking to explore something new, volunteering with SORCE might just be the perfect solution.

Volunteering provides the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance your biological knowledge base, and explore new cultures, all whilst giving you the chance to make a real difference in a world on the edge of disaster.

Its also a chance to get away from every day life and explore a side of yourself that you might not have experienced before. You will have the chance to try new things, make new friends and gain insights into the wonders of diversity. Whether it be variations in opportunity or lifestyle you are sure to discover aspects of life you may never have considered before.

As a SORCE volunteer you will be be given the opportunity to get involved with several of our projects. The longer you volunteer for the more of the projects you will be able to experience and the longer you will be able to spend assisting with each of them. We advise that each volunteer spends a minimum of one week on each project that they assist with as this will allow time for the relevant training to be given and skills passed on.

Additionally when arriving on the island you will be rostered onto a nightly walk schedule in order to stop turtle poaching on the island. Volunteers are key to SORCE’s anti-poaching efforts and will be actively involved with the project.

Several of the SORCE projects require the ability to scuba dive and often our volunteers choose to learn how to scuba dive before they come to SORCE so that they can maximise their time on projects. However, if you do not have a scuba diving qualification when you arrive you have the option of learning to dive on site with our SORCE dive instructors. Alternatively if you do not wish to learn to dive there are projects where scuba diving is not required which you are still able to participate in.

If you are joining SORCE as one of our undergraduate or postgraduate research students then your timetable and activities will be arranged around the project that your dissertation is relating to.

A typical day in the life of a volunteer is as follows:

A buffet breakfast will be set out by 8am daily and people can take food as they arrive. A large whiteboard in the food hall will list the activities for the day and their respective participants. We ask you to look at the board as soon as you arrive for breakfast so that you can ensure you are organised for the day. We also ask that volunteers arrive early for dive activities so that you can ensure your dive gear is set up and ready.

Our programs operate on a three dives per day basis, however this may vary depending on the projects you are signed on for.  We will conduct 2 dives in the morning – 9 am and 11 am and one after lunch at 3pm.

Volunteers are welcome to go for a ‘fun dive’ on the home reef with a buddy providing all participants have the correct qualifications and the permissions of a member of staff.

Lunch will be served at 1pm for those who are at base camp. However if volunteers are out for the day on surveys away from base camp they will be provided with packed lunches on the boat.

Dinner will be a hot, sit down meal and is served at 7pm. We will also use this time to make announcements and give updates.

Sunday night is social night (often called party night) and so on this day dinner will be a BBQ served throughout the night. All food is included in the volunteer package however alcoholic beverages are bought on site.

Mondays are free days for you to do with as you wish. Monday is also the change over day of the week and so is the day when new volunteers will arrive and those at the end of their trip will leave.

At SORCE we know better than anyone the importance and value of volunteering. Each of us were once volunteers on programs not too dissimilar to SORCE. Through them we developed our own skills, experience and passions, fueling an unbreakable dedication to the protection of the natural world around us.

Our volunteering days were the start of something incredible. Though we didn’t know it at the time, they set us off on a journey with the tools and ambitions we needed to build something great, something that would enable us to make a long term and positive impact on the environments we love.

Our volunteering days ultimately led to the creation of SORCE and now we want you to be part of it. It’s our turn to give you the opportunities and lessons that we were once lucky enough to receive ourselves.  Let us help you to learn new skills, find new perspectives, and tackle new challenges. Volunteering with SORCE is your chance to rectify some of the damage mankind has done to the environment we rely on so heavily for our own survival.

We truly believe that everyone can make a difference, so volunteer with SORCE and let us help you to make yours.

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