SORCE Vision:

To achieve sustainable community-backed methods of ensuring the ongoing restoration of marine ecosystems to a state of good health, well-being, and productivity that can be maintained and improved upon for generations to come.

SORCE Mission:

SORCE is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the marine environment through scientific action, field research, and global education. We strive to promote an understanding of the need for change in achieving a sustainable future for our world’s natural ecosystems.

SORCE Values:

Teamwork – We believe that the more people who participate in finding and actioning a solution to the challenges facing the natural world the more effective we will be. Further to this, we believe that it is only by working together that we can achieve our ultimate goals.

Responsibility – We have built our organisation on a foundation of integrity and respect, not just for the environment and the species we strive to protect but also for the people we work with and the communities we engage within.

Honesty – We operate with the understanding that mankind has an obligation to be better. We ensure that all of our work is communicated and shared accurately and we hold ourselves accountable for all that we do.

Relevance – We ensure that the work we do has scientific research and academic knowledge at its root so that we can move forwards in a productive manner towards meaningful impact.

Inspirational – We are incredibly passionate about the opportunity we have to make a difference to the planet and all life within it. We seek to motivate and empower people, communities, and corporations through our work and teachings and aim to equip them with the knowledge and drive to act.


We Believe…

It is our belief that if we are to minimize or better still reverse, the negative effects that we are causing on the amazing organisms and ecosystems that we share the Earth with, this will only be achieved by research, understanding, and education.

Mankind has known the impacts of its actions and yet failed to do something for far too long. It is time we came together to change that.

We refuse to let ours be the generation that fails to act. We can deny the truth but we can not avoid it, and if we keep making excuses to do nothing then we will very soon be facing a reality where too much destruction has been caused for us to recover.

So ask yourself: How many ecosystems must collapse? How many species must go extinct, so that our children never get to admire or befriend them? How long can we pretend that our ‘progress’ is without consequence?


This Earth is our home and we have a responsibility and an obligation to take care of it – not just for the species we share it with, but for ourselves and our future generations. We do not have to accept the outcome we are heading towards.

With your help, we CAN and WILL find the answers we seek.

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