Marine Science A-Level

SORCE’s Marine Science A-Level runs over four months, during which time you will be based at our research and conservation field school on Lombok Island. Here you can spend your days working with like-minded people from around the world, learning about the ocean and a number of tropical ecosystems while participating in scuba diving and conservation. Our intensive Marine Science A-Level course is accredited by Cambridge International and therefore recognised worldwide. This course offers a fast-tracked approach to A-Level study allowing you to complete an entire A-level (typically a two-year program) in only 16 weeks. The 360 hours of study required are all undertaken consecutively meaning that whilst here you will eat, sleep and breathe marine science until you walk away from the examinations in early May. Nothing in your head is more than three months old. Your real life can’t get in the way. There are no other subjects competing for your brain power. It’s just you, the marine environment on our doorstep, and the support of SORCE’s team of professional scientists. 

▼ Course Overview

The Cambridge International Marine Science A-level provides a reasoned and stimulating introduction to the marine environment. The A-level has two distinct parts, the AS-level and the A2 level. The AS element of the course concentrates on the scientific study of the sea, its ecosystems, and the abiotic factors which influence it. The A2 element concentrates on how humans interact with the oceans including the benefits we gain and the impacts we have upon them. Our emphasis throughout the course is to nurture the understanding of new concepts through the acquisition of knowledge and the application of new ideas. We encourage problem-solving and creative thinking – skills that are transferable to any future career path. Our unique location provides the opportunity to conduct a range of interesting and enjoyable field activities which support all aspects of the course. Cambridge International A Level Marine Science provides a suitable foundation for the study of Marine Biology, Environmental Science, or related courses in higher education. Equally, it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in marine science, conservation, shipping, fisheries, tourism, or aquaculture, or as part of a course of general education. Practical activities will underpin the teaching of the whole course and candidates may be asked about practical activities in examination questions, but there is no practical paper and no coursework.

▼ Module Breakdown

AS Level Modules
PS. The Scientific Method
1. Water
2. Earth Processes
3. Interactions in Marine Ecosystems
4. Biodiversity and Classification
5. Examples of Marine Ecosystems

A2 Level Modules
6. Physiology of Marine Organisms
7. Energy
8. Fisheries for the Future
9. Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems

Bonus Module – optional
10. Marine biotechnology

▼ Prerequisites


  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months
  • Minimum 16-week commitment
  • You must be available to start the course in January


  • You must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • 16-week commitment (full-time) or 36-week commitment (part-time)
  • You must be available to start the course in January
  • You must have access to a strong internet connection

▼ Tuition Fees

The total cost for our on-site Marine Science A-Level Program is:

  • Rp.100,000,000 (Including PADI OW and AOW)
  • Rp.90,000,000 (Excluding PADI OW and AOW)

For reference, a comparable qualification at a British college is approximately double this cost and would not cover living expenses, scuba diving, PADI courses, or field trips, let alone any of the incredible practical experience you will gain by being immersed in the tropical marine environment and surrounded by professional marine conservation biologists.

The cost for our Online Program is:

  • £1950 + Examination fee (typically £400- £800 depending on exam centre location)

▼ What’s Included

On-Site Program:

We offer our Marine Science A-Level as a package program and have worked hard to include as much as we can so that you really get the most out of your time with us. This package includes:

  • Marine Science A-Level Tuition
  • PADI Open Water SCUBA Course (including PIC + Manual)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA Course (including PIC + Manual)
  • SCUBA equipment rental (Tanks, BCD, Regulator, weight belt, and weights – you will need to provide your own mask, fins, snorkel, and wetsuit. Dive computers must also be worn and can be rented separately on a week-by-week basis from SORCE)
  • Unlimited training and survey dives – typically 1-2 dives per day 5 days a week (weather and tides permitting)
  • Comprehensive teaching and exam technique tuition
  • All equipment required for practical lessons and field trips
  • Examination fee and transport to and from examinations
  • 16 weeks of private accommodation in traditional bamboo lodges (double rooms and dormitory-style rooms can be accommodated on request)
  • All off-site accommodation and transport required for field trips
  • 16 weeks full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Unlimited drinking water and hot drinks (tea and coffee)
  • Complimentary use of the outdoor gym, basketball court, and yoga equipment
  • Sunday Funday – including additional fun dive and end-of-week party with a special dinner
  • Boat transfer from the collection point on Lombok to our site
  • 24hr in-country support
  • Visa and travel advice

You will also have the opportunity to get involved with a number of the projects that are running on-site during your spare time. The Marine Science A-Level is designed to be a very intensive program so how much time you spend taking part in our research and conservation activities is up to you. Activities that you may wish to get involved with include:

  • Field training and hands-on experience in a number of our projects, techniques, and methodologies
  • Introductory Marine biology and conservation lecture and workshop series’ (Coral Reef Biology and Conservation, Indo-Pacific Identification – Fish, Substrate, Coral, Invertebrate and Megafauna, Coral Restoration Techniques, Coral Reef Impact Assessment and Survey Methodologies, Mangrove Ecology and Restoration, Seagrass Ecology and Restoration, Turtle Identification, Population Analysis and Conservation, Recycling and Waste Control, Buoyancy Control and Eco-Aware Diving, Community Outreach and Cultural Exchange)
  • Underwater field training in 3-Dimensional reef modeling, diver-operated Stereo Video Systems (DOVs), and Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVs)

Not Included:

  • Flights and airport transfers
  • Visa costs
  • Travel and Diving Insurance
  • Additional drinks, food, and excursions
  • Dive computer rental (available to rent on-site)
  • Fins, Mask, and Wetsuit/Rashsuit
  • Internet (sim cards and data can be purchased locally)

Online Program:

If you are unable to commit to spending 16-weeks in Indonesia it is still possible to achieve your Marine Science A-Level with us through our Online course. The online program operates differently to the on-site course in that you complete all of the study from the comfort of your own home with course materials made available to you each week. You will also have regular video call sessions with our team to go through the course material, review exercises, and prepare for the exams. Included in this program are the following:

  • Marine Science A-Level Tuition
  • Marine Science A-Level Textbook
  • Marine Science A-Level Workbook
  • Access to our online Marine Science course materials
  • Regular video call sessions with our Marine Science Tutors
  • Regular feedback and review sessions
  • Revision and exam coaching
  • Exam coordination

At the end of the course period, you will sit your exams with a Cambridge partner school. If you live outside of the UK please contact us prior to booking so that we can check whether there is a Cambridge School located close to you that is able to host you for your examinations. Once you have completed the course, you may wish to join our Eco-Venture expedition to put your new knowledge into practice and receive practical training in a broad range of marine research and conservation techniques and field skills.

Please note: Examination fees and Eco-Venture expedition fees are not included in the online course tuition fees. 

For more detail regarding the Marine Science A-Level course please download our Course Prospectus.

If you are interested in booking onto our Marine Science A-Level program please download and fill in either the On-Site Booking Form or the Online Booking Form and return it to or contact us to ask about availability.

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